Lately, Tel Aviv has become a very attractive destination for spring time, especially when the flights are so cheap, and the European winter is not even close an end.
If you still didn’t realize that the best time to be in Tel Aviv is spring time, check out some of our recommendations for cool activities that will surely convince you.

What to do in Tel Aviv

Miss D Gallery

Miss D. GalleryThe Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, Hayarkon 99 St.

Miss D. Gallery is an Israeli Fine-art gallery located at the front of the luxurious Dan Tel Aviv Hotel in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel.
Visiting the gallery provides an opportunity to get to know the artworks of Israeli artists who made a name for themselves outside Israel, alongside young artists at the beginning of their artistic career.
after visiting that beautiful gallery you can take a walk near the beautiful beach and sit at a café.

What to do in Tel Aviv

Sarona Market

Sarona market  Aluf Kalman Magen St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo

In Tel Aviv there are plenty of outdoor market with a Mediterranean feel for them. If you want to experience a more modern culinary experience, check out the wonderful indoors Sarona market.
In Sarona you can find luxury boutique stores that offer quality cooking ingredients that you can buy and use to cook a great tasty dinner.
on top of that, there are great food stands with any type of food you would like to try; Israeli food, Burgers, Sushi and Ramen, as well as sweet doughnuts and unique desserts.
We recommend to come Hungry J

What to do in Tel Aviv

Jaffa salon of Art

Jaffa salon of artNamal yafo street number 4. Jaffa, Israel

In the magical old port of Jaffa, you can find this beautiful contemporary art gallery. The thing that specialize this gallery from any other, is the urban street art that they present and available to purchase in affordable prices.
You can find there a very big variety of local art with a very unique and special voice and signature from acclaimed local artists.
After visiting the gallery, you can enjoy the great beautiful Jaffa port and even eat some lunch in one of the many fish and sea food restaurant.

What to do in Tel Aviv

Funny Monday

Funny MondayBar Giora Ibn Gabirol 30 Tel Aviv

If you haven’t heard already, laughter is the best medicine for a gloomy day.
If, by any chance, you happen to be in Tel Aviv on a Monday night, and need a bit of a chuckle, check out this crazy line of stand-up comedy.
Funny Monday is a stand-up show performed in English by Local Israeli artists and has a reputation of one of the funniest nights in Tel Aviv.

What are you waiting for? Just hop on a plain, get to Tel Aviv and discover the beauty of Israel.