You know how you wake up in the morning and ask yourself what happened last night? Well, the answer is, that you’ve probably been to Background 32 bar in Tel Aviv.
Think of an adult amusement park with great music and the best energy you can imagine and that is the Background 32 in a nut shell. It’s not just a dance bar but a whole show with music, dancers (the bartenders) and great decoration. Every night at around 1 am, the lights go down, the masks go up and the craziness begins.

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Background32 – The show

“People work hard during the week and need a place to put all their day to day troubles aside. This is why we opened the Background” says Dan, the owner. When we ask where did the idea for the Bartender’s masks came from, he replies: “The idea for the masks was taken from the movie “V for vendetta” in which the heroes are fighting a corrupt regime in the name of humanly love”.

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Background32 – Beautiful people

On Thursday nights you can listen to Regaton and other kinds of Latin music and Friday is a mix of everything. Check out their Facebook page for more information about Dance hall Mondays.

Opening hours are Monday, Thursday and Friday 22:00 – last costumer.