Augment reality is, by far, not a new thing, so what is the main reason most big companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Meta are investigating so much in R&D of this technology, and why haven’t it “broke through” yet?

סיורי מציאות רבודה בת"א

Augmented Reality

To answer these questions we’ll probably need to get into more technical terms and understand the ongoing progress of development of different platforms such as AR glasses or even eye contact lenses. Instead, here you will be able to read about some potential uses for this technology, both in the near and further future.

Let’s start with education:

Remember when you were 10 years old and set in an elementary school class room? All you wanted is to play outside with your friends but the teacher was going on and on about some war that happened a thousand years ago between two people that don’t exist today in a place you never heard of.
What are the chances you’ll remember any of what the teacher said or what you read in your textbook (that was probably written in the same time of that war..)? Probably not high.

Augmented reality in education

Bored kids

Imagine though, that you look in your textbook and suddenly an ancient city, surrounded by high walls, comes out of the book. You can actually see the city’s citadel and soldiers standing in their positions along the wall. Suddenly, an army of thousands of soldiers, horses and war machines appears, headed for the city. On your text book a battle ensues, when finally, the city is burned and the battle ends. Suddenly, all your wishes of playing outside are forgotten and you just want to learn about the next war. That is AR.

Same is possible with trees growing in geography class, Moses parting the the red sea or atoms colliding in physics class.

Augmented reality in education

Plants in Augmented reality

Studies show that visual aids contribute to children’s understanding and ability to remember and comprehend curtain details. By using interactive content students can discover and practice different processes,fo for example: let’s take several chemical elements and put them in a row, when the user clicks on H+2O a water drop will appear.

Finally, Using AR not only improves children ability to learn but also their will which some people will say, is the most important element in education.

Augmented reality in education

Happy kids