The best winter drinks in Tel Aviv


Despite being known as a sun drenched city full of parties and sunny beaches, there are many things to do in Tel Aviv in the winter. Although Tel Aviv boasts a temperate climate, is can also be cold and cloudy when winter comes by. On the days that have no sun to offer, there is nothing better to do than enjoy a hot drink in a warm and cozy setting.

Here are the top drinks to keep you warm this winter in Tel Aviv.

  1. Jahn Complex – Warm Sachlav

Sachlav is a savory dairy based drink with corn flour, sugar and spices. Many people experience their first sachlav in the Abulafia complex in Jaffa. After all, winter isn’t considered winter if you haven’t stopped on a crisp Saturday morning for a cup of thick sachlav accompanied with the sweet smell of cinnamon. This is still considered one of the best places to experience a good cup of sachlav (12 NIS for a big cup). Beyond the authentic cultural experience, it’s a great serving at a great price. One thing is for sure – you’ll leave feeling comforted and spoiled, also by the service and also by the drink itself. 

  1. Bicicletta – Warm Sangria

You’ll be able to find a warm sangria at almost every bar or restaurant, and everyone is sure that their sangria is the best. Well, let us conclude and decide (after a long round of tasting) that the tastiest sangria we have ever had is at Bicicleta. Thanks to red wine, orange liqueur, a little apple juice, raisins, almonds, star anise, cinnamon and some love.

Where? Nahalat Binyamin St 29, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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  1. Max Brenner – Hot Chocolate

The melted chocolate and mini marshmallows give an exciting twist to the classic and beloved hot chocolate you all know. If you want to warm up and feel like being pampered, there is nothing like a good ol’ glass of sweet and thick hot chocolate.

Where? Rothschild St 45, Tel Aviv

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  1. Mitzi – Hot Apple Cider

While throughout the entire city you’ll be able to find cider, venues usually make it from cheap apple juice concentrate. If you want to taste the real deal, do yourself a favor and go to Mitzi. You’ll be blasted with the flavor of fresh apples, since at Mitzi’s, they brew the cider with diced apple, along with cinnamon. The result? A refreshing and comforting drink that is unlike any other cider we have tasted.


  1. Landwer Coffee

This well-established coffee chain offers a special drink menu for the winter. Hot beverages with different flavors; Sachlav, cinnamon chai, hot chocolate and many other great drinks – and of course, they also a great variety of fresh teas.

Where? There are 16 different branches around Tel Aviv. Visit here to see exactly where.


You’ll come to notice that the locals absolutely love sitting out and enjoying themselves with a hot drink, while schmoozing with friends. While in Tel Aviv, do as the Tel Avivians do – go sit in a local cafe while enjoying a hot cup of steamy goodness.