Even during the corona times there are many things happening in Tel Aviv. For those who live here and for those who visited or planning to visit in the future, there are a few things that you don’t really need to know, but will be happy To learn.

Tel Aviv beach

Religious beach Tel Aviv

1)  In Tel Aviv there is a beach especially for religious people. This beach is gender segregated so there will be no contact between men and women. Men are allowed to visit the beach every Sunday Tuesday and Thursday while women get Monday Wednesday and Friday (Saturday is a resting day of course). You will be amazed to discover the the religious Beach is located just next to the dog beach end the gay beach! There is actually a beach for everyone in Tel Aviv.

Architecture in Tel Aviv

Skyscraper Tel Aviv

2) In Tel Aviv there strict building preservation laws. According to these laws if you want to build a skyscraper inside the city limits you have to renovate the old buildings around it. That way the city portrays a great balance between old and new which makes it quite unique.

Things to do in Tel Aviv

Bauhaus Tel Aviv

3)  Tel Aviv is considered to be the world capital of the Bauhaus architectural style. The Bauhaus School of Architecture was established in 1919 in Germany and was the home of the international architectural style. When things started to be dangerous for Jews around Europe, many Jewish students moved to Israel and implemented that style here. Along an area called the “White City” were constructed over 4000 buildings in the Bauhaus Style which makes it the largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings in the world! In 2003, UNESCO declared the “White City” to be a world heritage site. For more information visit the Bauhaus center’s website here.

bars in Jaffa

Margoza Bar

4) We all know that Tel Aviv is considered as the “city that never sleeps” but, you will be surprised to know  that according  to statistics, in Tel Aviv there is a coffee shop, theater, movie cinema, bar, restaurant or Museum for every 12 inhabitants! That is why  Tel Aviv is considered  to be  the cultural  capital  of Israel  and of course, you will always have something to do here.

Things to do in Tel Aviv

Bike lanes Tel Aviv

5) in Tel Aviv there are over 140 km of bicycle Lanes which makes it a great place to move around with your bike. Due to the city’s relatively flat topography regular bikes, electric bikes, and electric scooters are the favorite means of transportation for the residence of Tel-Aviv. In order to encourage Green Transportation, the city of Tel Aviv is aiming to double the amount of bicycle lanes and reach a staggering number of 300 kilometers by the year 2025.

Now all is left to wait for is the return to normal life. Hopefully soon..