Life in a beach city

By: Ido Weil

Although Tel aviv is considered to be Israel’s business center, life in this cosmopolitan city are far from being stressful and Nerve-racking like other big cities in the world. Why is that you ask? Well, Tel aviv is located on the shore of the beautiful Mediterranean sea. No matter how long or hard day you had in the office, once your feet touch the soft yellow sand of Tel aviv’s beach, all the trouble just seem to be Forgotten.

During the summer months (most year long in Israel..), swimming in the sea’ day or night, is a totally refreshing experience as the water reach sometimes temperatures of 25 degrees so make sure to bring your bathing suite with you. Another must item in Tel aviv is definitely flip flops. Everyone has a pair and you will see people in bars and restaurants wear them.

Casual is the name of the game in this vibrant and dynamic city so leave your suite in the office and come join the fun (in the sun..)

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