When you think of markets in the Middle East you probably imagine a lively bazaar, full of aromatic smells, many fresh and colorful products and local man shouting in a foreign language.

In Tel Aviv you will be half right. The most modern city in the region offers a unique combination of old, authentic bazaars and new, modern food courts.

We are glad to give you a list of the top 5 markets in Tel Aviv and things to look for when visiting them:

The Carmel market

Hacarmel Market in Tel Aviv

Hacarmel Market in Tel Aviv

The main market of the city and maybe the busiest one as well. On the north part of it you can find some clothes stands for a good price but the interesting part is the food. All over the market you can find a huge selection of local and international food stands and restaurants, or if you prefer cooking at home, you can buy the freshest ingredients.

Some must things to eat are: “Burika” – a Libyan authentic street food, Kebab in “Shmuel”, Shakshuka in “Shuksuka” and more.

Levinsky Spice Market

Levinsky market is definitely the coolest market in town at the moment. During the day you can find many local stores, filled with fresh and flavorful spices from the region. In addition, you can find there many restaurants that serve a variety of foods, from delicious Persian food to yummy Burekas. At night the market really comes alive with great local taverns like “Dalida”.

Sarona Market

What to do in Tel Aviv

Sarona Market

A relatively new market built in the Templar colony of Sarona. The area has recently been renovated and really shows the unique Templar architectural features.
The market itself is a closed market with a representation of some of the best chefs in Israel, for example: The Ramen stand by Israel Aharoni and “Captain Curry” by Jonathan Roshfeld.

Jaffa Flea Market

port of jaffa

old Jaffa

In the flea market of Jaffa you can find almost anything. From new and second hand clothes and jewelry to vintage furniture.
The market also offers a variety of restaurants, open day and night. Our favorites are “Pundak De Lux” for some great atmosphere and meet and “Onza”.
During the summer there are free live bands playing in the market every Thursday night.

Rothschild Alenby Food Market

The newest market of them all. Located in the crossing of two main streets this market gives a great opportunity for people to enjoy a nice snack before going to party. There is a really good roast chicken place and a big wine shop as well.

The market is the best place to buy a nice gift from Israel so don’t hesitate and visit.