Ido Weil

In Tel Aviv many bars like to promote the local Music scene and tend to give young indie artist a chance to expose themselves in front of potential new crowds. In addition, there are a few mention able concert halls that show live music acts all year long. Here are my top 5:

1) Barbie – Located in south of Tel Aviv, this establishment has provided a stage for almost every Israeli artist that respects him or herself. They also host some international artists once in a while.

2) Ozen bar – The Ozen bar is the preforming hall of the famous “Haozen hashlisit” (The third ear), record store. They host different kinds of bands that vary from rock to jazz.

3) Passaze – Better follow their weekly program on Facebook because you can find some really cool bands playing there. Basically its a club during the weekends but during the week there’s some cool shows. Sunday is “Booze & blues” night there and it’s THE place to be on a Sunday.

4) Levontine 7 – Located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, “Gan hashmal”, this place is always nice to visit when you feel like having a beer while listening to some good live music.

5) Shablul – Located in the port of Tel Aviv, that’s maybe the only place in town where you can listen to live jazz all week long. Really good are their jam sessions every Monday evening.

By the way, many Israeli artists tend to sing in English so even if you are not a native Hebrew speaker, no worries.