Carmel market food tour

Why TLVnights food tour?

So much food!

During our food tour along the famous Carmel market you get 10 different food and drink tastings!

Local, Local, Local…

Unlike other tours, you won’t get Falafel or Shawarma (delicious but you can find it on your own). We will show you real, authentic dishes from all over the world.

Discover the stories behind the food

During our tour you will learn about the local food scene and what makes it so special. In the end, it’s all about the people who make the food and their story. 

Want to join our tour? Contact us and we’ll set you up with a private tour


Carmel market food tour-TLVnights

Important details:

When: The Carmel Market food tour is a private tour and could be booked for any day of the week (except Saturday)

Where: Magen David square, Tel Aviv (The northern entrance to Carmel Market)

What’s included: 10 different vegetarian food tastings and drinks (Alcoholic and not alcoholic)

How much: 180 nis per person, minimum 4 participance