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“TLVnights Culinary&Mixology experience” is a self guided tour that allows you to discover the rich world of tastes and textures in the local dining and cocktail scene of Tel Aviv, a city that excels in creativity


Product Description

Our suggested itinirary:

19:30 – Dinner

We will start the night in one of Tel Aviv most known and impressive chef restaurant – A place that has its own unique style and flavor. Except for the reach culinary experience, you will get to meet the chef himself and hear about his vision.

21:00 – Mixology workshop

In this part of the evening we will introduce you to one of the leading mixologists in the country for a 1 on 1 Cocktail making session.  You will share his knowledge and philosophy and even get to make a cocktail or two your self’s.

22:30 – Down cocktail lane

Moving on is one of the most impressive cocktail bars in Tel Aviv.

The cocktail menu features unconventional combinations and a wide range of hand-made essences. There, served alongside is a menu of food that bears the signature of international chef-designer Ido Garini, promising a unique gastronomical experience in an unforgettable atmosphere.

23:30 – A night cap

Ending the night in a darker bar where the “night owls” of Tel Aviv go to enjoy an original cocktail in a dark and cozy atmosphere.

The evening includes:

  • Dinner reservations in one of the top restaurants in TLV
  • Introduction of some of the leading individuals in the nightlife scene of TLV
  • Table reservations in all locations
  • Full phone support during the evening


The tour does not include:

  • Transportation
  • Food & drinks
  •  Tips


25$ per person