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TLVnights  was founded in 2011 and specializes in urban tourism. We offer a verity of tours in Israel including nightlife and augmented reality tours.
With vast experience in hospitality and entertainment, we at TLVnights, know exactly how to cater to a verity of clients, foreign and local. If it’s a crazy night out to the best clubs in Tel Aviv, an intimate, romantic evening or a full weekend full of different activities, we have the answer.

We in TLVnights, know exactly what our clients enjoy. If it’s a delicious cocktail bar, a smoky underground club or a cool hip-hop dance bar, we know where to find them. We can also help with other tours in Tel Aviv and Israel such as a culinary street food tour, a street art tour and other conventional tours to Jerusalem, the dead sea and the north of Israel. TLVNights aspires to promote Israeli tourism, and make sure that visitors from abroad can enjoy the very best Tel Aviv has to offer. If you are overseas and planning your trip to Tel Aviv, stay posted on our site to find out about fun things to do and places to explore. If you have already arrived – welcome! It is time to discover the crazy nightlife scene and have some of the most memorable nights you have ever experienced!


If you joined one of our tours in the past, you already know that our guides are experts in showing people a good time. With us, you will not just be one of a crowd. You will be the king/queen of the nightlife and we will not be only your guide, but also your friend. Start memorizing our names because we will definitely remember yours.


Ido was born and raised in Tel Aviv and in 2011 he founded TLVnights. Ido is a well known and dominant figure in Tel Aviv’s dynamic nightlife scene and people that participated in one of his tours, will testify that he remembers everyone’s name (also in groups of 50 people!). Ido is showing people the nightlife of Tel Aviv for the past 9 years so come join one of his tours.


Tal has a fun personality, she is funny, loves interacting with people and she’s the perfect wing woman. She is an actress and also works in advertising.You’ll mainly meet her on the Dizingoff pub crawl, every Friday night. with her high energies you will have an incredible night that you won’t forget



Miriam is the ultimate party person, not for nothing people call her “The Machine”. She is very friendly and people connect to her in seconds, that is why she knows all the bar owners in Tel Aviv. If you join a tour with Miriam you are in for a once in a lifetime experience. Join her every weekend.


Shahar is the man! He is fun, sociable and loves to party. He is very good looking (ladies he’s single) and a tour with him is an unforgettablele experience. Join him every Thursday and Friday night.

מה מיוחד בסיור שלנו?

רק איתנו

הסיור שלנו הוא מקורי לגמרי ולא ניתן לראות אותו בשום מקום אחר

טכנולוגיה חדשנית

אנו משתמשים בטכנולוגיית מציאות רבודה כדי ליצור אפקטים שלא נראו כמותם

הדיל המשתלם

סיור הגרפיטי הזול ביותר בת"א

the Best bars

Our pub crawl will take you to the most local, hidden bars and clubs in Tel Aviv.

Meet people

come meet locals and foreigners from all over the world. This is where friendships are made

the Best deal

Get 1 complementary beer, 5 shots and free VIP entrance to all locations. All in a price of 1 ticket