The top 5 hotel bars in Tel Aviv

You can definitely say that it’s the new trend in Tel Aviv – hotel bars, that is.

From a tourism point of view, Israeli decision makers have marked the acute shortage of hotel rooms, in Israel in general, and specifically in Tel Aviv, as a national problem and a real barrier in achieving the desired growth in incoming tourism to the country. For that reason, regulations have been lowered and theoretically, it’s now easier to build new hotels.

From a culinary point of view, hotels are much more than just a place to sleep in and offer a much wider hospitality experience. That is why, there is hardly any new hotel (boutique hotels in particular) that don’t have an in-house chef restaurant and a bar.

In our opinion, these are the top hotel bars in Tel Aviv.

Hotel bars in tel aviv
Brown TLV

Brown TLV rooftop bar (Brown TLV) –

Some hotel bars are a collaboration between the the hotel and an external provider but the Rooftop bar in Brown TLV is managed by the hotel itself. Over looking the urban view of Rothschild blvd and the surrounding area, the Brown rooftop bar is the perfect location to sip a tasty cocktail (some will say that they make the best Mojito in town), and enjoy the chic lounge atmosphere.

hotel bars in tel aviv
Veranda 115

Veranda 115 sunset lounge (Sheraton hotel) –

A real hotel bar where you can not only dress up and party at night, but also chill and sunbath during the day or along the sunset. The Veranda 115 is located right on the beach so it gives it’s guests a magnificent view of the coast line of Tel Aviv.
Along some classical, “Tiki” style cocktails, you can snack on some quality sushi.

the best hotel bars in tel aviv
Imperial Cocktail bar

Imperial cocktail bar (Imperial hotel) –

Voted as one of the top 50 bars in the world by, the Imperial cocktail bar has definitely made a reputation for itself as one of the leading bars in Tel Aviv. Located in the hotel lobby, the bar has definitely added some charm and prestige to the aging hotel, thus, setting an example for how a good bar can promote a hotel.

the best hotel bars in tel aviv
Bell Boy

Bell Boy (Bardichevski hotel) –

Leading mixologist, Ariel Leizgold, has masterfully created a cozy space that feels like going back in time to the US of 1920’s. The extraordinary presentation of the cocktails fits perfectly with the unique atmosphere of the place. The Bell Boy is also famous for its brunch on the weekends which is considered to be one of the best in town.

the best bars in hotels

Bushwick (Fabric hotel) –

The new addition to the Imperial family is the Bushwick.
After realizing the potential in making a cocktail bar inside an hotel, the owners of the Imperial cocktail bar opened this hip spot. Located in the fabric district of Tel Aviv, the fashionable Fabric Hotel fits well with the atmosphere of the Bushwick. You can find there some of the best and unique cocktails in Tel Aviv and a great verity of bar food to accompany them.